Coffee Cup, is an entity dedicated – since its creation in 2016 – to the grinding and packaging of coffee in capsules, and to the perfected mastery of the associated rules of the art, in order to provide well-dosed, fresh, stable, and with characteristic aromatic imprints.

Features :
Brilliant colors, innovative materials, cutting-edge technology, precision in details, make the new Rovi range a product of the highest quality, capable of delivering high quality coffee for appearance, aroma and taste.

Equipment :
Each material meets a specific need of the capsule, resulting in optimal characteristics. Well self-protected

The forme :
The shape of the Rovi capsules ensures excellent cup performance and excellent functionality in the dispensing machine, thanks to its technical characteristics.

Quality :
Perfectly compatible with all Nespresso machines currently on the market, it meets high requirements in terms of resistance to humidity and ensures excellent protection of the mixture and the aroma of the coffee.

Plastic Capsules and Aluminium Capsules