Coffee CUP, is an entity dedicated – since its creation in 2016 – to the grinding and packaging of coffee in capsules, and to the perfected mastery of the associated rules of the art, in order to provide well-dosed, fresh, stable and endowed products. characteristic aromatic imprints.

Created by its manager, Mr Nabil Ghenima, is an agri-food industry located in Akouda Sousse, whose main activity is the grinding and packaging of roasted coffee.

Since its creation, Coffee Cup has aimed for better and market-leading quality, through its ROVI brand, to achieve customer satisfaction.

Certainly the ranges differ, but the quality is undoubtedly guaranteed.

Our range of plastic capsules :

  • Moka
  • Intenso
  • Black
  • Corsé
  • The One

Our range of Aluminum capsules :

  • Crema
  • Barista
  • Ristretto
  • Cubano

The product is sold in packs of 10 capsules compatible with the Nespresso machine.


EXPERTISE : Perfect coffee does not happen by chance. At every step of the long value chain, from bean to cup, we push the boundaries, without compromising, to create our ROVI Coffee Capqules solely for your enjoyment.

CHOICE OF RAW MATERIALS : The starting point for any ESPRESSO is the quality of the Ingredients. (Freshly roasted beans of traceable origin. Airtight capsules of ground coffee perfectly protected from oxidation caused by contact with air)

MANUFACTURING : Formulation controlled through optimization of grinding and dosage.

EXTRACTION : Coffee machine involved (Successful extraction results in a cup rich in aromas, dressed in a supreme layer of golden foam, thick, creamy and persistent.

ISO 22000 V 2018 certification

Tel: 73202840/73215112
fax: 73213758